The Blackburns (from left to right): Casey, Chris, Brad

The Blackburns are a real force in the American trucking industry.

Their companies employ over 200 drivers and 70 office employees, the majority of which office out of the company’s headquarters in historic Fort Worth, Texas. With a fleet of trucks over 160 strong in various fields of the trucking industry, the Blackburns are keeping oil wells in production, FedEx shipments on time and food on the shelves of many retailers. They like to keep their business diverse so that they can continue to grow and provide excellent service to their ever expanding list of customers.

The Blackburn group of companies includes several FedEx independent contractors including Blackburn Transportation Group, the largest independent FedEx contractor in the nation with over 50 trucks. Their pneumatic division, CAB Logistics, is synonymous with excellence in the oilfield industry and the new refrigerated division is growing stronger every day.

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